couple art jamming ideas

As the saying goes, at the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet.' So you two decided to dabble in your artistic talents and signed up for an art-jamming session. But you guys have no idea what to paint for each other. No worries, here are 10 ideas for you lovebirds to showcase your talents as one!

1) Animals

Animal lovers? Prove your love by painting each other's spirit animals and have your very own couple wear!

2) Caricature

If you are a big fan of caricature, this is your thing. Here's a challenge: showcase the best part of your significant other in your painting!

3) Cartoons

A popular theme. As the saying goes, art is an imitation of life. Why not create a fictionalized version of yourself doing the craziest things?

4) (Cute) Monsters

Speaking of fictionalized characters, this one is for those who wants something a little naughty in their art pieces. Create your own little cute monsters and own a pair of shirts that no one else would ever have.

5) Declaration for each other

Alright you cheesy lovebirds, if you want to declare your love to each other, why not paint it on a shirt and wear them out for your next date?

6) Food & Drinks

Another popular theme. In Singapore, a live to eat society, it will be a sin not to showcase the kinds of vibrant, delectable food that we have here!

7) Freestyle

Art-jamming is a session where you are free to paint whatever you want, so hey, there are no rules here. Just let your creativity flow, and create whatever that comes to your mind.

8) Horoscopes

Horoscopes might be disputed for their accuracy, but their artistic depictions make great inspirations to paint on.

9) Iconic Movie Characters

Love Iron Man as much as your girlfriend? Why not recreate his iconic line (not 'I am Iron-Man') and declare your endless love for her? Bet she can't top three thousand *snickers*.

10) Nature

'There are moments when all anxiety and stated toil are becalmed in the infinite leisure and repose of nature.' The main source of artistic inspiration, nature can help create wonders on your empty canvas. For those with girlfriends who have a favourite flower, you know what to paint