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staff team bonding packages

About The Noteway Art Studio

The Noteway Art Studio is the first in Singapore to introduce “Art Jamming With A Twist” sessions on T-shirts and tote bags for various schools and staff bonding activities.

The Noteway Art Studio has worked with the Ministry of Education and hundreds of staff from schools such as St Andrews Junior School, Cantonment Primary School, Yew Tee Primary School and Rivervale Primary School. The Noteway Art Studio has received excellent reviews from the staff for providing them with suitable and enriching staff bonding activities.

Art activities we provide (for team bonding) include:

We believe that Art is a universal language and that is why our art activities are able to communicate with people from different ages, nationalities and cultures.

About “Art Jamming With A Twist”

“Art Jamming With A Twist” is a fun, free and relaxing staff bonding activity. We use state of the art technology to ensure that the paint is made to last on the fabrics (t-shirts/tote bags) by drying and heat pressing them. You’ll be given free flow fabric-paint which can be used for painting on the T-shirt/tote bag. Teachers and staff would be able to bring home their very own hand-painted T-shirts/Tote bags at the end of the session for personal use.

Benefits of “Art Jamming With A Twist” for your staff team bonding Activity

Teachers and staff can:

  • Interact with each other over a fun and engaging 2-hour session
  • Unleash their creativity by thinking outside the box
  • Get to know each other better and break barriers of communication
  • Build confidence by stepping outside of their comfort zone

What’s more?

Our Art Jamming Sessions do not require any prior experience or background in Art .

The Noteway Art Studio’s staff team building programmes are uniquely crafted to suit everybody across all levels, ages and backgrounds.

Check out our programmes below and enquire with us today!

1. “Art Jamming With A Twist” on T-Shirts & Tote Bag


    2. Art Jamming on Canvases

    Prefer the regular canvas for Art Jamming? Try art jamming on canvases for your staff team bonding session!


    3. The Art Jam Battle

    Spice up your team building session and add more fun and teamwork with our specially designed Art Jamming Battle games. The battle games have been carefully designed by us in such a way, so as to encourage more participation and interaction among your team members. Staff will be grouped into teams, and need to collaborate in a fun quiz, choose common themes to paint and use sabotage cards given to them to “sabo” each other during the session.

    "Art Jamming With A Twist" Special Promotional Package

    Usual Price/Pax Special Discounted
    Painting on Tote Bags $29.90 $19.90
    Painting on T-Shirts $29.90 $19.90
    Painting on Canvas $32.90 $26.90
    Painting on Canvas Shoes $59.90 $49.90