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Paint In Pairs - DIY Fabric Painting Gift Set

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Our "Paint in Pairs" DIY Fabric Painting Kit is perfect for painting with your loved one even if you both are complete beginners in art! Painting on practical items like tote bags and t-shirts together with your loved one is a fun-filled and meaningful activity, as you get to not only spend quality time with them but also own matching hand-painted tees/totes which you can use together. 

Our durable fabric paints, t-shirts and tote bags provided will ensure your painted items are reusable plenty of times without your designs coming off. The paint may be used for any cotton items, including t-shirts, tote bags, cotton sneakers, and canvases.

Each kit comes with a magic pen with vanishing ink to draw freehand on your item, so that you can make mistakes freely without needing to erase them off. If you would like to trace a printed design on your item before painting, you may use the pencil and carbon paper provided in the kit. No drawing skills required!

DISCLAIMER: This kit comes with sufficient paint for more than 1 painting session with your loved one, and lots of irresistible fun!


  • 2 Items to Paint (of your choice)
  • 6 x 15ml bottles of Creativita Fabric Paint ® (Ruby Red, Egyptian Blue, Lemon Yellow, Ivory White, Charcoal Black, Cornflower Purple)
  • 5 Paint Brushes
  • 2 Mini Palettes
  • 2 Pink Magic Pens
  • 2 Pencils
  • 2 Pieces of Carbon Paper
  • Instruction Booklet