Clay Art Workshop

So you want to try out an artistic activity, but find that you can't draw well, or you want to do something more hands-on and practical?
Well, we have something that's just perfect for you! 

clay art workshop team bonding

Clay Art!

clay art workshop shaping sculpting

Clay Art is the moulding of clay into different shapes by hand. It requires the usage of various hand techniques to be able to achieve the desired shape.

Unlike conventional art such as painting and drawing, Clay Making is much more hands-on. Aside from using your hands to mould the clay, different tools such as utensils and sticks can be used to create intricate patterns on your clay structures, which would otherwise be impossible to do with just your hands!

Why Clay Art?

clay art workshop team bonding

This session enables participants to know each other better and encourages creativity and team work while doing clay art together as a team. It also builds confidence by encouraging participants to step out of their comfort zone and try a new activity.

Materials Provided

  • 50g Jumping Clay per Participant (Colours can be pre-ordered)
  • Sculpting Tools (Sticks, etc.)
clay art workshop presentation

At the end of the session, particpants can share and talk about their masterpiece before taking pictures at our iconic mural backdrop.

We offer guided clay art workshops with an art instructor for groups of 10-50 pax.