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Frequently Asked Questions

After Painting Care

What are the steps to take after I finish painting?

All steps you need to take from the start to the end of your painting session are clearly explained in ourfree online painting classes here. In summary, here is what you need to do after you finish painting your tote bag or t-shirt: 

  1. Blow dry your painting for 1 minute or less
  2. Do not wash your t-shirt or tote bag for 4 days

Will my t-shirt and tote bag designs remain intact when I wash them?  

As long as you follow the 2 steps to take after painting stated above, and only wash your items after more than 4 days, your designs will remain intact for up to 50 gentle washes. 

Are the painted t-shirts safe when they come into contact with my skin? 

Creativita fabric paint by Streaks n Strokes is formulated with similar pigments to inks used to print on tees. So if printed t-shirts you own are safe to wear, your painted t-shirts are equally safe and will cause no harm to your skin.