Sand Art Workshop

We get it. Art can be difficult. You pick up the paint brush, and hours pass before you finally decide to fill up the canvas with your favourite food. You start mixing up the colours, and realise you need more red paint. You reach over and squeeze more out from the bottle, when suddenly ‘SPLAT’! Red paint gets onto your neatly pressed shirt. And you are done. You put down the brush, and you walk away, never to attempt doing art again.

But what if, we tell you that here at Streaks n Strokes, you can make art without squeezing your brains out for inspiration or getting paint on yourself? That’s right, welcome to our all new Sand Art Workshop! Here, you will go through a 2 hour class, learn and create your own sand art in a bottle. We offer sand art workshops with an instructor for groups of 10-50 pax.



sand art workshop

Sand art is a great creative project if you want to indulge yourself in art activities but you’re not big into painting. During the workshop, you will be given a glass bottle, which you will then fill up with, hold and behold, salt!

sand art workshop

Our workshop will be using both coarse and fine salt as the medium, as salt brings about varying texture that sand cannot. You will also get to colour your white salt with different colours using coloured chalk!

While this workshop is guided by our competent instructors, you are free to create any design you want. A magnificent sunset, silhouettes, your favourite food, the possibilities are endless. And you can customise each sand art bottle with your initials or name too.