The Art Jam Battle

The Art Jam Battle 

Time: 2.5 hours

The Prelude to the Battle (20 Minutes)

Groups will play a warm-up quiz game on Kahoot to win points. This quiz will generate excitement among teams to answer questions quickly, as there will be a timer set to 10 seconds for each question. Kahoot will rank teams based on speed and accuracy of their answers.

Teams will choose from a given set of themes to paint e.g. Animals, Nature, Food, Inspiring Quotes, Funny Quotes, Cartoons, Movies, Sports, Music, Abstract, Singapore. The top ranking team will get to choose the theme they want to paint first followed by the next ranking teams. 1 theme cannot be chosen more than once.

Ideas for paintings, as well as colour mixing tips, can be found on our Instagramaccount. 

Each team is given 90 minutes for Art Jamming. 

Sabotage Cards

Next, teams will blindly pick sabotage cards from the deck: 3 cards for the 1st ranking team; 2 for the 2nd ranking team; and 1 card each for the 3rd, 4th and 5th ranking team. Teams can use their sabotage cards anytime to sabotage opposing teams once the art jamming starts.

Sabotage cards in the deck will include

  • Make 1 Opposing Team paint with their opposite hand for 5 minutes
  • Make 1 Opposing Team finish a puzzle
  • Make 1 Opposing Team Paint without using brushes for 5 minutes
  • Make 1 Opposing Team pass their paintings clockwise and paint for 5 minutes
  • Stop 1 Opposing Team from using a colour of your choice for the rest of the time
  • Make 1 Opposing Team to include an apple in all of their paintings
  • Joker: Better Luck Next Time!

Here are how the Sabotage cards will look like!

Art Jamming Time (90 Minutes)

  • Teams start to trace their designs and paint on their t-shirts, tote bags or canvases
  • At the end of 90 minutes, all teams need to stop painting

Art Jamming Battle Conclusion (40 Minutes)

  • Teams' art pieces will be heat pressed and blow dried, for longer durability of paint on tees/totes
  • Teams will present their final art pieces (1 minute per team) and team's photos will be taken with paintings.
  • Photos will be uploaded on to Facebook, so that teams can vote for their favourite paintings by liking on each other's team photos. The team with the most votes will be chosen as the winning team.
  • Alternatively, the winning team can be chosen by judges based on creativity of designs, attractiveness of designs and team work. 

 Differences between The Art Jam Battle & The Ultimate Art Jam Battle