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Virtual Team Bonding

What is Virtual Team Bonding?

  • A Team Bonding Session from the comfort of your home or office conducted via Zoom
  • Guided and facilitated by an art instructor

virtual zoom meeting

Why do Virtual Team Bonding?

  • Great Fun while maintaining social distancing!

social distancing

  • Reduces Stress & Provides Work-Life Balance for your team members

work stress

  • Promotes better interaction & communication between team members



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The Painting Kit

  • 3 x 15ml Creatività Fabric Paint Bottles (Ruby Red, Egyptian Blue, Lemon Yellow)
  • 2 x 5ml Creatività Fabric Paint Bottles (Ivory White & Charcoal Black)
  • 2 x Paintbrushes
  • 1 x Palette
  • 1 x Pink Magic Pen
  • 1 x 2B Pencil
  • 1 x Carbon Tracing Paper
  • 1 x Streaks ‘n’ Strokes Cotton Tote Bag





No. of Sets

Price for shipping all sets to 1 location 

(e.g. your office)

Price for shipping to multiple locations 

(e.g. each person’s house)

Free Bonus

1-5 Sets



6-15 Sets


(10% Discount)


Virtual Team Bonding Session

16 Sets & More


(15% Discount)


Virtual Team Bonding Session


Important Notes

  • The kits will be delivered to each address individually if participants order individually to their own houses.
  • The kits will be sent as 1 batch to 1 address if you order in bulk for your whole team, for example, if you wish to distribute them at your office.
  • If you require alternative arrangements, do let us know and we will try our best to accommodate :)
  • Painting kits have to be purchasedat least 7 working days before your scheduled virtual bonding session date. This is to allow ample time to receive your kits on time for your session.


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