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Christmas Dream Tote Bag Painting Gift Box

This Christmas Dream Tote Bag Painting Gift Box will give you all the basics you need to paint your beautiful Christmas Dream of flying reindeers and Christmas decorations on your tote bag. 

Our durable fabric paints and tote bags provided will ensure your totes are reusable plenty of times without your Christmas design coming off.


  • 1 Tote Bag
  • 5 Paint Brushes
  • 1 Mini Palette
  • 1 Pencil
  • 1 Printed Christmas Dream Design to Trace before Painting
  • 1 Piece of Carbon Paper for Tracing
  • 6 x 15ml bottles of Creativita Fabric Paint ® (Ruby Red, Jade Green, Lemon Yellow, Chocolate Brown, Charcoal Black, Ivory White)
  • Step by Step Instruction Booklet

Time to gift this Christmas Dream gift box to your loved ones and get them to create this beautiful Christmas Dream tote bag!

*The Christmas Reindeer symbolises creativity, resourcefulness and knowledge, while also representing safe journeying and endurance through travels. 

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