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Food Stencil Set

Perfect for beginners in art and for kids - our stencil set lets you paint on any surface you want without having to draw or even trace the stencil design. Simply peel, paste and start painting. If you are a foodie, this food sticker stencil set  is for you. 


Food Set 1:

  • FD001_B - Fries
  • FD002_B - Pizza
  • FD003_B - Burger
  • FD004_B - Ice Cream

Food Set 2:

  • FD005_B - Hotdog
  • FD006_B - Fork and Spoon
  • FD007_B - Cocktail
  • FD008_B - Doughnut

Product Usage

Peel the outer layer of your stencil and paste it directly on your item. Paint the inner areas not covered by the sticker stencil. Blow dry your painting with a hair dryer. Once those parts are dry, remove the sticker stencil and there should be a clean shape of your design.

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