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Mini Painter Fun Pack (Kids T-Shirt)

Inside our Mini Painter Fun Pack, you'll find everything your child needs to create his/her own hand-painted t-shirt, even if they are new to art. Perfect for family bonding at home or for gifts for your loved ones.

  • 3 x 15ml bottles of Creativita Fabric Paint ® (Ruby Red, Egyptian Blue, Lemon Yellow) - Sufficient for 5-8 painting sessions and can be used to paint on cotton t-shirts and tote bags
  • 2 x 5ml Finishing Touches (Ivory White, Charcoal Black)
  • 2 Hand Picked Paint Brushes and 1 Mini Palette so that your child can get started with painting
  • 1 Kids T-Shirt (your choice of size)
  • 1 Pink Magic Pen to draw on your kids t-shirt with vanishing ink, so that your child can make mistakes freely without needing to erase them off
  • 1 Pencil and Carbon Paper for your child to trace any printed design on the t-shirt, so that it's easy to draw even if your child is an absolute beginner with no drawing skills
  • 1 Cute Monster/Animal Sticker Stencil, so your child can peel the stencil, paste the stencil and start painting right away without even needing to trace or draw

      Product Usage

      After painting, dry your t-shirt with a hair dryer until it is fully dry. After your t-shirt painting is fully dry, you may iron at high heat for 10 to 15 seconds.

      Instructions for Wash: After painting, please wait for 5 days before washing. Gentle wash without strong detergents are recommended for maximum durability and long use.


      The fabric paint in this kit is not for consumption. If swallowed, get medical help or contact a poison control center immediately.

      As the fabric paint in this kit is meant to last on fabrics, take extra precautions for the paint not to spill onto your own clothing while painting. If there are spills, the paint may not be able to be removed.