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15 Uniquely Singapore Painting Ideas

Love Singapore? Love to paint? Never tried painting Singapore, don’t know what to paint about Singapore?

You gotta be kidding!

Singapore’s full of diversity and distinct cultures, it is impossible to NOT be inspired. But if you do need, here are 15 Uniquely Singapore inspiration for your next painting session!


Exotic Fruits

uniquely singapore sg art jamming ideas exotic fruits durian soursop pineapple

Singapore is part of the tropics, so there is no wonder that one can find many tropical, exotic fruits that are creamy, sweet and/or juicy. There is doubt that when we talk about Singapore’s exotic fruit, its definitely got to be the King of fruits- Durian! A fruit with a thorny, spiky outer covering, it has managed to split the country into 2. Some find that the flesh of the durian are sweet, flavourful custards, while others find the smell to be repulsive. Well, regardless if you love or hate the durian, you cannot deny that durians make good painting ideas!


uniquely singapore sg art jamming ideas mcdonalds fries burger mcspicy

You might be thinking how can a fast food chain be part of Singapore’s unique landscape. Just kidding, you definitely know why, right? McDonald’s curry sauce holds a special place in our Singaporean hearts. Originally meant as a dip for the McNuggets, the curry sauce ended up as a must-have condiment every time we have a meal at McDonald’s . It’s sweet, its savory, its a total flavour bomb. The McSpicy too, is another signature item of McDonald’s Singapore that is irresistible to Singaporeans. A burger with a crunchy, spicy chicken patty, there’s is no way that you can actually hate it. As you can see above, McDonald’s have some real fans in Singapore.

Hawker Food

uniquely singapore sg art jamming ideas hawker food

Eating: Singapore’s national past time. Thanks to the deep-rooted thriving hawking culture, Singaporeans are able to indulge in hearty cuisines for three meals a day. For breakfast, the sweet and crispy kaya toast, together with smooth, creamy soft-boiled eggs. Come lunch, get yourself a piping, spicy bowl of Laksa. And finally for dinner, a steamy fragrant plate of Chicken Rice topped off with moist, tender steamed chicken. If you are proud of our Singapore hawker food, why not show some love by painting them!


uniquely singapore sg art jamming ideas desserts ice kacang ice cream sandwich

Yes, Singaporeans do not just have three meals a day. Dessert is also part of our meal courses. The diversity in food choices also meant a diversity in post meal sweet indulgences. Ice Kacang, Chendol, Cheng Tng, Red/ Green Bean soup… the list goes on and on. Each of them, distinct in their own flavour, yet still brings about the satiation. Fun fact: do you know, before Ice Kachang was served in a bowl, it was just an ice ball topped with different syrup and placed on your hand? Imagine all the mess it would create!

Bubble Tea

uniquely singapore sg art jamming ideas bubble milk tea boba

Just like any other Asians out there, Singaporeans are heads over heels for bubble tea. We even have our own home-brand, LiHo! Refreshingly sweet milk tea together with chewy tapioca pearls, what’s there to not like about?



uniquely singapore sg art jamming ideas esplanade

This performing arts centre is also known as ‘the big durians’ due to its architectural style bearing resemblance to the tropical fruit. While it was officially opened in 2002, the Esplanade was actually conceptualized back in 1989 and built entirely on reclaimed land! ‘The big durians have come a long way since then, with a $30 million waterfront theatre in the works.

Marina Bay Sands

uniquely singapore sg art jamming ideas marina bay sands

Dubbed the ‘new Noah’s Ark’, Marina Bay Sands is an impressive structure. An integrated resort that consists of the world’s most expensive casino, it is enclosed by a 2,561-room hotel, topped with a 340 metre long sky park which features the famous infinity pool. If you’re a fan of painting skylines, why not paint the MBS? After all it redefined Singapore’s skyline.

Changi Airport

uniquely singapore sg art jamming ideas changi airport

Ranked as the World’s Best Airport, it is impossible not to stand out. Over the top service, world-class facilities and amenities, there’s always something for everyone. But that’s not how us Singaporeans remember Changi Airport is it? We are talking about Changi Aiport’s control tower- you know, the one that looks like a torch with that big golden ball at the top?

Art-Science Museum

uniquely singapore sg art jamming ideas artscience art science musuem

The art science museum is located within Marina Bay Sands ad is currently the world’s first Art-science museum. Reminiscent of a lotus flower, the art science museum consists of three galleries, each with a different theme- Curiosity, Inspiration, Expression. Together with Marina Bay Sands, the Art-science museum provides a beautiful backdrop for Singapore’s night skyline.

Singapore Flyer

uniquely singapore sg art jamming ideas flyer ferris wheel

One of the tallest Ferris wheel in the world, the Singapore Flyer observation wheel is meticulously constructed to hold 28 passengers in each of their 28 capsules. Together with Marina Bay Sands, Art-science museum and the Esplanade, the Singapore Flyer completes the downtown skyline of Singapore.


Rules & Regulations

uniquely singapore sg art jamming ideas rules regulations fines

Singapore is a ‘fine city’- a tongue in cheek statement that everyone knows. No doubt that you can enjoy world class facilities and amenities, you also have a chance to get fined for leaving a rubber band on the street, or feeding pigeons, or eating and drinking on the public train. In fact, there are many articles that you can find online showcasing some of the laws of Singapore.


uniquely singapore sg art jamming ideas festival f1 local

Singapore is a society of diverse cultures, thus there is no doubt if there are numerous celebrations and festivals. There is almost a popular festival celebrated by Singaporeans every month! Lunar New Year festival in January, Food Festival in June, Grand Prix in September, just to name a few. Full of colours and vibrance, festivals are definitely a challenging yet fruitful idea to attempt painting!


uniquely singapore sg art jamming ideas kiasu fomo fear of missing out

The behaviour of fearing of losing out, it generally refers to the hardcore competitiveness of Singaporeans. Fun-fact: the word ‘Kiasu’ was added into the Oxford English Dictionary in 2007, where it was described as a selfish attitude. Kiasu-ism is so prevalent in Singapore that it was personified and made into comics and toys!