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15 Food Painting Ideas for The Foodie In You

15 Food Painting Ideas for The Foodie In You

Are you on a sea-food diet where you simply can't resist eating food? Or are you always on the lookout for the next fad food trend?

As Singaporeans, we are united by our love of food. We love our food so much that we will go to great lengths just to satisfy our cravings. We will eagerly stand in snaking queues just to get our hands on the latest lip-smacking food products. It's a neverending ritual. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

So, if you can't suppress your cravings, here are some ideas for you to paint your cravings up and let your eyes feast instead.

1) Avocado

Healthy, creamy, delicious. Known as the butter fruit, the avocado's bright green, smooth shiny texture is a joy to eat, and paint. If you're a pun person, you can include avocado puns too!

2) Bao-zi (steamed buns)

Ahhh yes, living in Singapore, one would've experienced that midnight jioto Swee Choon in order to fix those bao cravings. Nothing beats biting into a freshly steamed Chinese bun, with its soft chewy bun texture and warm luxurious fillings.

3) Bubble Tea

The nationwide fad that led everyone queuing for that lovely sinful cup of boba overnight.

4) Berries

Strawberries, blueberries, cranberries. There are so many berries out there, each species with distinct, vibrant colour that makes it a joy to paint. To top the berryon the cake, berries are good source materials for puns (see what we did there?).

5) Breakfast

The most important meal of the day, breakfast is full of different, extravagant food items to be painted. Pancakes, big breakfast, toasts, fruits, the possibilities are endless. Plus, they are easy to paint too!

6) Cupcake

Yum, the ever sinful dessert that we'd love to snatch up from every dessert tables. Cupcakes usually have very pretty icing and toppings, which is no wonder why everyone can't get their hands (and cameras) off them!

6) Donuts

Donuts are reminscent of our neighbourhood bakeries, Just make sure you don't touch the red, white and blue donut with sprinkles. You might just be on the receiving end of raining down hellfire

7) Fast Food

Fun-fact: There are as many people who like to paint pictures of fast-food as there is for avocado! Seems like the war against junk food is alive and real.

8) Ice-cream

Yup, if burgers and fries are popular painting ideas, ice-cream is a close second. It's everyone's favourite dessert and its really easy to paint. How about painting a Hulk-A-Hulk-A Burning Fudge sundae?

9) Instant Noodles

Paint Indomie. You're welcome.

10) Pho

Phoreals? It's yummy, it looks great, so whats the reason notto paint them?

11) Pudding

Sometimes i wonder...if i am every puddingtoo much effort into my puns...

12) Smores

Soft, gooey marshmallow in between two sweet cookies...oh don't forget the chocolate too! Betcha' craving for it as you are reading this.

13) Steak

One of the marvelous food item in the universe, i would totally recommend you to create your ideal-steak-on-a-canvas. Just be careful don't end up burning your steak like the one above...

14) Sushi

A perfect combination of rice and seafood, painting Sushi can be a great deal of fun. Packed of different ingredients, the contrasts between each item will definitely create a feast for the eyes.


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