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Think that drawing / painting is like kissing your elbow? That some people can do it and some peoplesimply can't. That's not true! Everyone can create art, and the more you practice, the better you'll get. But if you like to paint and feeling really stumped about creating an artistically decent piece of work that you will feel proud enough to bring home, we have some ideas and a few techniques so that you can get started pronto! πŸ˜‰

*New* Sticker Stencilling

super beginner art jamming ideas sticker stencilling

This is the easiest way to achieve professional results with minimal effort! Sticker stencils are now available at Streaks n Strokes from $0.50 onwards. Customised designs are available upon request and preorder only.

To get started, simply peel out the areas that you do not wish to paint on and stick it onto your "canvas", and then paint over it. You can get creative with your colours and create very pretty effects.Β 

Paint Splattering

super beginner art jamming ideas paint splattering

Painting can be real fun, especially when there are no lines to restrict your creativity. Splatter painting is an easy and expressive way to create abstract art that simply requires paint and an open mind for disorder!

Use quick whipping motions, bring your arm down towards the canvas and flick your wrist / paintbrush / toothbrush. Because splatter art is free form, feel free to experiment with various ways of splattering: standing at different distances, using bigger and smaller brushes, moving your arm at various speeds and directions, etc. The creative direction is yours to decide!

Pro tip: If you want your splatters to only be on certain portions of your work, mask the areas you want to protect with masking tapes.

Hand Painting

super beginner art jamming ideas hand painting

Hand painting is an easy way to get creative and you can certainly make amazing work with something as simple as hand painting. So don't hesitate any longer, just get your hands dirty and be prepared for things to get fun and messy! 🀩

Firstly, apply and spread paint evenly onto your fingers / hands with a paintbrush. If you'd like to, you can even create colourful effects by mixing two or more different colours. Next, simply press your hands onto your canvas and gently lift it up. If you want to make another handprint, rinse and repeat (to prevent colour contamination)!

super beginner art jamming ideas hand painting

Hand painting is very versatile and can be transformed into other works of art. Here are some ideas:

  • Using a marker, draw in faces, arms, legs etc to create creatures
  • Draw a background pattern around the hands using neon colours or bright lines
  • Draw around the handprint several times so that the lines look like they are radiating out from the original handprint

Finger Painting

super beginner art jamming ideas finger painting

To do finger painting, just follow the same steps as hand painting. This time, you're getting started with simple mini eclipses of your fingerprint and whether be it a pineapple or a tree, the possiblities are simply endless! You can even draw mini animals or mascots.

Impasto Painting

super beginner art jamming ideas impasto painting

Impasto is a technique used in painting, where paint is laid on an area of the surface in very thick layers, usually thick enough that the brush or painting-knife strokes are visible. Paint can also be mixed right on the canvas. When dry, impasto provides texture; the paint appears to be coming out of the canvas.

Simply lay on thicker globs of paint of a single colour and lightly spread it out. If applied in thinner brush strokes, you can even attempt to creating your very own impressionist Van Gogh-inspired work!

Leaf Painting

super beginner art jamming ideas leaf painting stencilling

Leaves make beautiful prints and can be gathered in all kinds of shapes and sizes whilst on your morning stroll. Leaf painting is an easy project that brings together nature and art in a lovely way, and it's hard to take your eyes off the amazing results.

For the best results, you should apply the paint onto the leaves using a paintbrush rather than dipping them directly into the paint to ensure that the paint isn't applied too thickly. This will also give you versatility in mixing colours and creating striking gradients.

You can also try this with flowers, fruits and vegetables. Get fun and experimental!

Block Painting

super beginner art jamming ideas block painting

If you hate being restricted by lines - painting within the lines seem like such a big chore to you! Why not grab some tape and mask away the parts that you don't want painted? It's an easy way to create vibrant colours to brighten up anyone's days!

Just Get Creative with Your Colours!

super beginner art jamming ideas colourful colours rainbow

If push comes to shove and you don't want to think too hard about what to do, just grab your paintbrushes and paint the colours of the rainbow! But, do you remember the order in which the colours of the rainbow go? Your best friend to memorise it is Roy G. Biv, which is the acronym for colours of the rainbow.


Here are some of the ideas that we caught some of our participants doing. Do tag us if you try out some of our suggestions as we would love to see them!