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14 Painting Ideas for Animal Lovers

14 Art Jamming Ideas for Animal Lovers

1. The White Furry Doggie

If you’re an animal lover, this one’s for you. When we sit down and start painting or creating art, we often find ourselves painting and drawing what we love. It’s in these moments too, that we discover some of the things we love most in this world. And a lot of the time, we realise that these things are animals — our pets, our favourite animal cartoon characters, or simply our favourite breeds of cats or dogs.

Check out our list of animal painting ideas if you’re thinking of painting your favourite furry animals!

Perhaps this is your pet, or your cousin’s pet, or your neighbour’s pet. Whichever this may be, show your love for these furry creatures by carrying them around on your tote bags!

2. The Big Brown Doggie

This artist painted his dog. We challenge you to paint yours. And then wear your painting and show it to your furry friend. Watch the confusion and glee.

3. The Cute White Doggie

Another furry white creature arrives! Look at how innocently it's staring at you. How cute!

4. Tributes To Grumpy Cat

Yes. We have all heard the news about the passing of grumpy cat. Add to the thousands of tribute artworks circulating on the internet by painting your very own version of grumpy cat! What do you think makes this cat the most grumpy?

5. Has Anyone Figured Out What The Fox Said?

Seriously. Has anyone? Because we’d like you to paint it and let us know.

6. Corgis, Butt Edition

We love corgis, and we love this one in particular. Butt we may have run into a problem.

7. Elephants, Rabbits, and Wishing Stars

We absolutely love these two. There is so much beauty in friendships built on dreams and hope, so be sure to celebrate yours and paint it for a friend whom you adore and are thankful for!

8. Have You Any Wool?

Simple yet easily recognisable, this sheep is sure to catch your heart.

9. Clingy Koala

Perfect for the partner or best friend in your life you want to cling to no matter what, this koala helps you express it all. Make it a gift for your loved one!

10. Paggro Panda

Alright is it just us or is there something really passive-aggressive about this panda here? Animals don’t all have to be furry and cute, some of them are just as badass and probably belong in a Die Hard film.

11. Blue and Birds

If you love birds, here’s inspiration for a picture of bird silhouette against a very serene and calming blue sky. What’s yours going to be like? Against a sunset or a backdrop of mountains? Don’t tell us, paint it and show us!

12. Whale You Look At That

Whales are beautiful creatures. Capture the beauty of these gorgeous, ginormous beings swimming in the ocean on your tote bags and t-shirts!

13. Flamboyant Flamingos

For some reason flamingos have a reputation for being flamboyant. Unleash your inner diva with these pink flamingos on parade on your very own unique tote bags!

14. Love and Lions

We have the perfect idea of a gift for your special someone. Paint and surprise your loved ones with a tote bag or t-shirt painted just for them, that expresses how much you love them!