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11 Funny Painting Ideas For People Who Love Lots Of Fun And Laughter

1. “When you kinda wanna just do it… but not really.”

When life gives us lemons, we say “thank you” and go about our day. Here is our collection of funny quotes our guests have been painting on their tote bags and paintings. We hope these pictures and quotes put a smile on your face today, and inspire you to get even more creative the next time you decide to make your very own unique tote bags and t-shirts!

Forget Nike. Come on. If we were all honest with ourselves, this is what we are all thinking. Especially on Monday.

2. “Thank you for pudding up with me.”

This is a perfect gift for your loved one, and if they have a sweet tooth, you can take ideas from this photo and top this quote up with a little illustration of an actual cute pudding!

3. “When I was a child, I thought nap time was a punishment. Now as a grown up, nap time feels like a vacation.”

Without a doubt, this panda is truly all of us at once. Thank you for voicing our exact thoughts every second of every day, Panda.

4. “I’m not weird. I am a limited edition.”

This is the perfect quote to put on the table the next time someone rolls his or her eyes at you and says you’re weird. Because you’re not weird. You’re limited edition. And chances are, the person who called you weird isn’t. Take that!

5. “Let the cat out of this bag.”

We love this one because it is so clever. If you are a cat lover especially, this is the perfect quote to put on your tote bag. Don’t forget the cheeky little feline peeking out from below!

6. “Mermaid today, unicorn tomorrow.”

Who doesn’t love mermaids and unicorns? They rule the world, and they run the world. Some people may tell you you can only choose one, but hey — who said you can’t have the best of both worlds?

7. “Better late than ugly.”

We absolutely love this unique spin on the common phrase “better late than never”. And if you’re a lady (or a man!) who is really into makeup, throw on this shirt and we promise you that no one will ever get mad at your three-hour long makeup session in the bedroom, no matter how late for the date you are.

8. “When life give you lemons, grab some tequila and salt.”

Another lovely spin on a common phrase, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. And we don’t know about you, but we’d definitely go for the tequila and salt option any day.

9. “We make a beautiful pear.”

This is a very clever pun with a very adorable illustration, and it is undoubtedly the perfect gift to your loved one!

10. “I’m not lazy, I’m just in energy saving mode.”

We highly encourage you to come to our studio, paint this, and wear this shirt to school or work. It will yield very interesting and unforgettable results. You’re welcome.

11. “Smoking helps you relax!”

Of course it does! Sign up now for a health package that will, without failure, eventually put you into a state of absolute and relaxation that transcends anything you’ll ever feel in your lifetime!

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