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Cartoon and Comics

art jam ideas cartoons

Having watched them all the time as a kid, cartoons and animations will always hold a special place in our hearts no matter how old we become. Unleash your inner child and bring your favourite characters to life! 

15 Cartoon Painting Ideas Everyone Loves



art jam ideas superhero

You have watched them fight the bad guys all the time, now it's time to show off how bad-ass you are with your awesome superhero rendition!

13 Painting Ideas for the Superhero Fans


Inspirational Quotes

art jamming ideas inspirational quotes

We have all been through tough times in our lives. Sometimes we need a friendly reminder to do our best and fight through the many hardships, and a special quote may just give you the inspiration you need!

15 Inspirational Quote Ideas for your Next Painting Session


Fun Quotes

art jamming ideas fun quotes

Yes, this is a free pass to get all wacky and creative! Sometimes girls (and guys, and everyone!) just wanna have fun. Let your hair down and imbue your own personal flavour to your very own art piece.

11 Funny Painting Ideas For People Who Love Lots Of Fun And Laughter



art jamming ideas nature

Sometimes we can be too engrossed in the hustle and bustle of city life. Taking refuge or comfort in the lovely wonders of nature can relax us tremendously and its therapeutic effects are not to be reckoned with. Paint what you simply love about Mother Nature!

15 Painting Ideas for Nature Lovers



art jamming ideas animal

What better way to show off your love for a particular animal than to paint your own? 

14 Painting Ideas for Animal Lovers


Mythical Creatures

art jamming ideas mythical creatures

Want to paint something that is not a run of the mill and out of the ordinary? Who knows if these creatures have or have not existed? It's a Schrodinger's cat!

12 Mythical Creatures To Paint On Your Next T-Shirt or Tote Bag 



art jamming ideas food

There's nothing that says I love you more than food! Do you eat to live or live to eat?

15 Food Painting Ideas for The Foodie In You


Fruits and Vegetables

art jamming ideas fruits and vegetables veggies

An apple a day keeps the doctor at bay, so perhaps a fruit on your apparel will attract all kinds of goodness to you!

29 Fruits & Vegetable Painting Ideas for The Health Junkie



art jamming ideas hobby

Having a hobby makes our lives feel much more fulfilling.

13 Painting Ideas to Showcase Your Passion And Hobbies


Everyday Objects

art jamming ideas everyday objects items

You see these innocent-seeming items almost every day and they are nothing out-of-the-ordinary. Maybe it's due time to show your appreciation for the little things in life that matter to you most.

16 Everyday Objects As Painting Ideas



art jamming ideas patterns

12 Patterns That Are So Cool You Would Paint Them All Day Long



art jamming ideas abstract

4 Abstract Painting Ideas to Awaken Your Inner Picasso


Super Beginner

art jamming ideas super beginner

8 Super Beginner Painting Ideas To Get You Started On Your Very First Masterpiece


Uniquely Singapore

art jamming ideas uniquely singapore sg

15 Uniquely Singapore Painting Ideas



art jamming ideas couple

10 Couple Painting Ideas for Lovebirds Who Love To Do Everything Together