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12 Patterns That Are So Cool You Would Paint Them All Day Long

A pattern can be defined as an underlying structure that organizes surfaces in a consistent manner. Basically, a repeating unit of shape of form. If you are fans of patterns but don't know what to paint during your painting session, here are 12 ideas for you!

1) Flow

Flowing is created by moving in the path of least resistance. Just like how water flows, or the strike of lightning, flowing patterns can be created through the repetition of an undulating line.

2) Branching

This is a form of patterning based on plants, and it involves rythmnic repetition of branches. Naturally occuring branches can also be found in rivers.

3) Spiral

Think of a whirlpool, or the milky way. Strangely mesmerising right?

4) Stripes

Tip: if you are painting a shirt, vertical stripes make you look taller, horizontal stripes make you look bigger!

5) Polka Dots

Unleash your inner Yayoi Kusama with a barrage of bold, vibrant polka dots.

6) Stencil

If you like custom designs or just want to create something unique, why not try using stencils to create patterns? The more random it gets, the better it looks!

7) Splatter

If you are really out of inspiration, pick a paint brush and just go SPLAT with the colours. You will be surprised by what you can do.

8) Chevrons/Zig Zag


Needs no explanation, fill up your canvas with lightning bolts!

9) Abstract

If you don't know, the army camouflage pattern is a type of abstract pattern. To achieve similar effect, grab a couple of colours and start dabbing it in different areas, repeating in a systematic yet random manner.

10) Brick

Vintage print. The only reason I could think of why you would even attempt painting this pattern. You could replicate the pattern with a block or just paint it out.

11) Blocks


This is similar to the brick pattern, but instead of being restricted to a rectangular brick, you're free to replicate any shapes in a continuous block fashion.

12) Dino Skin

For those who like exotic, Dino skin patterns are challenging to paint yet amazingly beautiful. Well worth the time.