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Cool Carrot

Want to learn how to paint this cool carrot with shades and a nasty grin? If you are too cool to care about anything, this carrot painted on a tote bag will perfectly represent you. He does not carrot (care at) all, and so don't you. Start painting along with our instructor right away!

Who is it for:

Anyone with an interest to paint Cool Carrot on your t-shirt, tote bag, or even on a piece of paper. No art or painting experience is required!

What you need for painting on fabrics:

1. An item to paint on - a blank t-shirt or tote bag. You may paint on a canvas too.

2. [Optional] Pencil, Carbon paper & Some Scotch Tape (if you are opting to trace your design) or 1 Fabric Magic Pen (If you prefer drawing freehand over tracing)

3. [Optional]Printout of the design if you are opting to trace your design (Click on download design button above & print)

4. Fabric paint if you're painting on a cotton t-shirt or tote bag. (Preferably our Creativita Fabric Paint for the longest durability and quality)

5. Round-Tip Paint Brushes (1 or 2 Paint Brushes should be more than sufficient)

6. A disposable cup of water handy to wash your paintbrushes while changing colours or a foldable rubber pail [Optional]

7. Professional Easel Stand (Not required unless you are a professional or want to appear to be a professional)

8. An envelope or thick piece of paper to put in between your t-shirt or tote bag ora fabric mounting board with clips

We will be using the following fabric paint colours for this painting session:

You can also opt to use your own paint colours for the painting. Be as creative as you can be!

If you do not have any of the above items at home, you can purchase them ala-carte from our paints & kits category here. Or you can purchase all the essential items conveniently in a set by getting ourMini Painter Fun Pack too.


Where to do it from: Do it on a flat surface such as a table with adequate light. To avoid accidental spillage, you may cover the painting area with old newspaper, rough paper or any plastic sheet.