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Art Jamming With A Kick

So you're exhausted of always painting on the same-old canvas, and you've already tried painting on our signature tote bags and t-shirts.

Streaks n Strokes offers something new and unheard of in Singapore, "Art Jamming with a Kick!" (Painting on Canvas Sneakers)

Wondering how does this new and exciting activity work? It's really simple!

Step 1 - Getting Your Kicks Ready!

canva shoe painting art jamming with a kick

To avoid disappointment of us not having your sizes in stock, choose your sneaker size and pre-order your sneakers from us at least 2 weeks before your session.

Step 2 - Sketching (Optional)

art jamming with a kick sketching on shoe

Once you've got your shoes ready, it's time to start sketching out your fabulous idea! You can use either our magic marker (ink that disappears within 2-3 days on its own) or our trusty pencil-and-eraser to flesh out your idea. 

Step 3 - Painting & Colouring

art jamming with a kick painting and colouring on shoes

After you got your sketch done (or not), it's time to lay some colours down on your shoes! Grab some paintbrushes and our very own hand-mixed fabric paint that's meant to last, and start painting! This is the time to get creative and experimental, you can try mixing and blending different colours. However, be really careful with your paints as it can be challenging to remove accidental spills or stains on your personal clothes.


What if... you're not good at painting? Or just not confident enough to lay fabric paint on your shoes?

art jamming with a kick drawing on shoe with marker pen

We have fabric markers that you can use. If you're also not confident in drawing with markers, there's other options available.

art jamming with a kick stencilling using wooden blockStencilling! You can bring along any objects you would like to stencil on your shoe: Be it leaves, flowers, coins, cotton, or anything fun that you can think of!

art jamming with a kick paint splattering on shoe

You can also splatter your paints free-style onto your shoes. Tip: Do mask off the areas that you don't want undesired paints to land on

Step 4 - Drying & Sealing

After you're done with painting and touching up whatever you need to, it's time to dry your artwork! Get a hairdryer to greatly speed up the drying time.

When the paints are dry, let your sneakers dry even further for 2 weeks before wearing it out!

Step 5 - Photo-Taking & Showing Off!

art jamming with a kick photo taking gallery

Voila you're all done! Time to pose and flaunt off your kicks. All pumped up and ready to get started? Purchase your sneaker painting kits and start art jamming with a kick today!