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Art Jamming With A Twist For Couples

It's date night. Both of you are sprawled on the couch- she looks at you and you stare back. 'Where to, dear?' she asks. But what's that you say? There'snothing to do in Singapore! All those suggestions from the websites you found have been exhausted, movie and coffee-hopping dates are just plain boring. You want something out-of-the-ordinary, stimulating, yet not breaking the bank? Well, we have something just for you!

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Introducing the all-new couple art jamming session! Research has shown that couples who learn something new together are closer and happier. Thus we are offering all couples an unforgettable date opportunity in our cosy art studio, where you can 'chillax' and create a shared masterpiece as a symbol of your love.

Our art studio is ready for you two on a lazy weekend afternoon (4-6pm) or a quiet Friday night (7-9pm), in an ambience set for your perfect date. To kick-start, we will be offering this event at a promotional rate of just$49.90per couple (U.P $59.80 / couple)with the discount code: COUPLEJAMfor a limited time only!

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Remember, it doesn't take a special day to spend quality time with your other half, contact us now for a date that is unlike any other! For the single gents and ladies, you can check out our art jamming sessions here! Maybe, just maybe, you can find your perfect soulmate. After all, Art must be an expression of love or it is nothing.