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Our Vision & Core Purpose

Our Vision

Imagine a world where you can share joyful moments of fun and laughter with your loved ones while creating art. A world where you can put a smile on the faces of those around you through hand crafted gifts from our store. A world where people of all ages and backgrounds can experience the magic of creation.

This is the world we want to create with you through our service and our community. If you can feel it, desire it or dream it, you can visualise it and you can paint it too. We want you to paint with the favourite people in your life, and collect and cherish these beautiful memories and souvenirs from your painting sessions. Or you can also surprise the ones you love with a hand painted gift that they will not only remember forever but also use!

We also believe in giving back to the community as every small effort counts in bringing joy to others who may be going through a difficult time. One event we did back in 2020 before we closed down our art studio was a Healthcare Professionals Appreciation Event.

Thank you nurses tote bag

During this event, healthcare professionals could come and paint tote bags at our studio for free. Or friends and family of healthcare professionals could also paint tote bags for their loved ones who were health care professionals for free. 

Healthcare Professionals Appreciation Event

By giving back when we can, we hope it will create a ripple effect where more businesses and individuals strive to give back as well.

Our Core Purpose

To bring the fun of creation along with your loved ones and the joy of making someone’s day with handcrafted gifts to as many people as we can. 

If you align with our vision, our core purpose and our values, and also love the products we sell, you can check out our upcoming partnership and career opportunities here.