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Our Values

Our 5 Foundational Values


We believe in diversity and building an inclusive community regardless of gender, race, religion, nationality or background. Unity is the idea of seeing our similarities over our differences and embracing the human race as a whole. 


Transformation and growth is the only way we can get closer to achieving our potential and purpose be it as an individual or as a business. We value self directed learning, skills upgrading and learning through experimentation. We will support our team in any we can for them to transform into the best versions of themselves. 


We embrace change and are not afraid to constantly upgrade ourselves and our business. We operate to constantly innovate and create, and also encourage our customers to unleash their creativity onto products they own and use. 

Family bird park

Happiness & Wellbeing

The happiness of our customers, partners and team members are our top priority. That is why we push for working on your passion, on your hobbies and the things you love. We encourage a good work-life balance and advocate for "off work" breaks with your family, friends and colleagues. This is also the reason we love conducting corporate team building activities for corporate partners who engage us! Happy people are the most productive, aren't they? 

Fighting Spirit

We fiercely believe in not giving up before giving it our all as seen from our story. Even as the Covid19 pandemic hit Singapore and threatened to push Streaks n Strokes to the verge of bankruptcy, we continued to pivot our bricks and mortar art jamming studio business to an e-commerce store selling home painting kits. We not only survived the pandemic, but we are kickstarting our art studio again at Tekka Place Basement 1. We encourage every team member to have the fighting spirit and courage to navigate the challenges of life in this ever-changing world. 

Streaks n Strokes

If you align with our values and our vision, and also love the products we sell, you can check out our upcoming partnership and career opportunities here.