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Partnerships & Careers


Freelance Art Instructor

If you align with our vision and values and you are interested to work with us on a freelance basis to conduct workshops for us, you can email us at with an email titled: Interest in Art Jamming Facilitator Role with Streaks n Strokes


Partners we are looking for: 

1. Anyone who specialises in art and handicrafts who aligns with our vision and values! We will love to speak to you to explore how we can work together. 

2. Retailers, hotels, activity providers, tour agencies, enrichment centers, schools and community centers in Singapore that are looking to introduce new activities.

3. Micro influencers with a strong following of people from all backgrounds who are excited by our product offerings, vision and values.

Do email us at with an email titled: Partnership Idea with Streaks n Strokes


Stay tuned to this page for upcoming partnership and career opportunities with us!

To find out more about our vision and values, simply click on the respective links below: 

Our vision:

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Top 8 Reasons to Work for Us

1. We encourage an expressive and open culture where feelings and feedback are shared.

We are not an art shop or an art club, we are change makers looking to make expressing yourself a norm rather than an exception. We believe in expressing yourselves regardless of how you feel. 

You will be encouraged to express not just your feelings, but even your likes, dislikes, dreams and goals with your team. There is no hierarchy where we work. Only when you share your feelings, goals and ambitions with the team can you receive the support you deserve and the ideal opportunities for you to grow and transform. We are constantly open to feedback to make the team happier and more productive. 

2. We DON’T expect perfection from anyone. We make mistakes and learn from them.

Just like we love imperfect pieces of art, we believe humans are imperfect too. Imperfections are what makes us all human. We laugh at our own mistakes and quirks and don’t punish ourselves for them, as long as we are taking the necessary steps to improve and learn from them. Taking ownership of your mistakes is important. Beating yourself up for them? Not at all.

3. We innovate rapidly to stay on the edge of exponential change.

To thrive in our environment, you must be super comfortable with change, thinking on your feet and aiming for crazy big goals. This is part of the soul of our business which started as a “notebook customisation company” (read our story here) and then evolved many times before getting to where we are today. In the near future, we see ourselves exploring technologies in web 3.0 like creating NFT art and much more.

If you love the thrill of constant innovation and rapid change, then you will love working with us too!

4. We DON’T advocate for “hustle culture” and sacrificing your family time, hobbies and self care. 

We believe in working hard and smart when we are working, and getting our tasks done efficiently and effectively. BUT not at the expense of your family time, hobbies and self care. To do your best work we know you need to have a healthy body and mind, and healthy relationships too! That equates to taking sufficient rest regularly, doing the things you love, spending quality time with the people in your life and taking care of your health too.

5. We persevere during the toughest times. 

As a home grown startup with a young team, we do face our fair share of struggles, problems and obstacles along the way. But what makes us different from the others is that we do not give up and we always find a way. Be it by putting our minds together to come up with innovative solutions or making little sacrifices to keep us going during tough times, we are not afraid to take bold decisions when we need to. 

6. We give you freedom and flexibility. 

We trust our team members to always do what is right in the best interest of the company and our customers. We are flexible with you working at your own schedules, as long as you do good work and maintain clear communication with the team. We know that brilliant people hate rules and restrictions and desire the freedom to do their work, their way!

7. We love having FUN just as much as you do.

Don’t get us wrong, we are disciplined and give our best at work every day. But just like we encourage our customers to have fun while painting, we believe that our team should have fun while working too. We organize fun and non-work related social gatherings regularly, and encourage friendships that last beyond work. This way, we can look forward to starting work each day together with our amazing friends!

8. We SUPPORT entrepreneurship and startup enthusiasts.

If you have started your own company before or dream of starting your own company one day, we will support you in any way we can. We understand that many high achievers dream of starting their own companies some day. We will bring you closer to your dream by providing you the training, mentorship and opportunities you will require to help you in your journey. The best part? You are free to learn from us and then move on when you are ready to start your own business. We respect entrepreneurship.